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☆mad joker☆

Beware of the mad joker

11 August 1983
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Vanilla-phobic, orange-maniac, pink-hater, Japan-obsessed, fussy and untidy, graves turist with blood and corpses attraction (not in that way!XD). I like paradox, I am a human paradox. I am one and the opposite one. Lover of strange or unexpected matches.
I am the original Tombez! Hajimemashite!

I like to know new friends. So, if you want to add me it's OK.
But, if you want to add me comment to whatever post you want, leave me a message, write me a letter or send me a pigeon... I don't receive any alerts about friend request, so let me know you have added me, please!!!
(or Mr. Efelpink will bite you! è_é)

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